Network Marketers Using Visualization As A Tool

I can remember many a night sitting in a locker room waiting for a game that I was either playing in or coaching in and visualizing that game in my mind. Every move, every play and every failure or success. Mentally preparing myself for the task at hand. I am sure that many of you know or can think back and place yourselves in the same position. Alternatively, maybe it was a very important business meeting or presentation you had coming up. Players call this “psyching up” and there are many ways to get ready to play a game, as there are many ways to get ready to acquire success in your Network Marketing business. Using visualization can Visualization is a tool that can used to motivate oneself, plan or prepare for a single task or a complete day, it can take you on a back to when you first started your business. All the plans all the dreams you had that came with it. Now visualize the start of that business and run it all the way to the end. See it in your mind as the success unfolds, see the signups and visualize the checks coming in and all the notoriety that comes with it.

Using visualization as a daily tool keeps your mind in order and helps to prepare for the daily grind of a successful business. Visualization can help with controlling the meeting you are about to go into. As you see that meeting in your mind, you visualize how you want it to start, anticipating what happens or possibly even what is said (hearing those little voices in your head can be a good thing sometimes) to the point of seeing how you want this meeting to conclude.

It is fifteen minutes to game time, he we go, “psyching up” for a day of business. See it, Hear it, and Feel it all through visualization. See the new business, see the checks and see the notoriety! If we see it and believe it then it can be done! Winners will use all tools to be successful, why, because “Winners do what Losers Won’t.”